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Stephanie Hutchings
04-Aug-2017 19:32:42

You've got a web site and it's mobile-responsive. Why do you need a mobile app?

Responsive design mobile.pngAt Gladstone we understand the habits of people, your members.  Here we explain a bit more about why a typical website isn't quite good enough and why investing in a mobile app makes perfect sense.

Websites are for acquisition.
Mobile apps are for retention.

Every leisure operator needs a web site. Someone moves to your area and they want to meet new people, whether its joining a 5-a-side team, playing squash or going Zen with Yoga. They get on the web and search for lets say, spinning classes. Your website tells them about your sites, your range of activities, your brand and values, not to mention a healthy selection of Spin classes. They visit and sign up -- congratulations you've acquired them.

Now they want to get the best use of your facilities and services. They want to know what's going on, both events (new classes, challenges, personal training...) and they'll need to be kept informed with service messages (trainer is sick, pool's closed...). They want to book classes and courts quickly, to see at a glance what is available and activities they have already booked.

Just imagine you are packing up your desk at the end of a busy day looking forward to a refreshing swim, only to find that the pool is closed when you arrive. "Why do they expect me to check their website every time I want to have a swim..." In frustration - you check the website from your mobile, pull out your reading glasses as everything is squished to the page, locate the pool schedule, oh no its a PDF document, more scrolling required, and so it goes on - Member satisfaction drops off the deep end!

This is what you need an app for -- it's retention. 

Member retention soars when operators combine the information on their website with mobile notifications. It's easier for members to change their expectations when they receive a notification directly to their mobile. So, put away your swimming trunks and pull out your Pilates mat and join a class instead!

An app gives your users fast, easy access to the things they need to get the best out of your facilities. A standard web site doesn’t do a great job of both acquisition and retention. Yes you can squish, sorry I meant, scale your pages for mobile screens - but unless you have taken the next step with a traditional website, which means incorporating true mobile responsive web design, together with personalisation and smart content for every member profile, you've not gone far enough, you need the perfect website partner, a mobile app -- Members don't like to have to scroll through your values and details of all your other clubs to find the swim times for the club they regularly use. 

Once I'm your member, 
I'll rarely go back to your website,
I'll use the app.

Just look at the prevalence of mobile banking apps, the average banking customer now views their finances on their phone more than once a day – and much of this balance checking and payment making is done while people watch TV, or plan their budget for a big night out, usually on the train journey home. Moving and transferring money is much simpler via the mobile app than going to the bother of opening the Bank’s website and fiddling with that keypad contraption!

Every leisure operator needs an app - as well as a web site. And with an app both you and your members can take advantage of the unique power of mobile:

Mobile is uniquely powerful-2.png

The MobilePro app puts your
marketers in control

  • Increase retention -- mobile is the most personal communications channel
  • Boost your brand -- members will appreciate the services delivered through your app and reward you with their loyalty
  • Reduce costs -- offload centre staff from bookings and info calls to more productive tasks

We have seen how very quickly our app customers build up an audience of app users -- typically within a few months 50% of DD members will have downloaded the app. Within 6 months the number of app users can exceed the DD members.

MobilePro users typically use the app 3 or 4 times a week
to book
classes, courts and check news!

You can even ask your members for their help in achieving your marketing objectives:

  • Increase membership through built-in tracked Lead Generation
  • New revenue sources such as local marketing
  • Who doesn't want to brag about their workout goals - member get member!

An app is a must-have for leisure operators. It's a key part of nurturing your key asset, your members. MobilePro puts your marketers in control, your app can become a key communications channel between you and your members and deliver great value to your business.

  • Request a demo of MobilePro and find out what it can do for your operation.
  • Book time with an expert - if you already have the app and would like to ensure you are getting the most out of it or would just like to some hints and tips on customisation or data reporting. 

Book a demo or inquire about MobilePro

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