Gladstone Alliance: Building the Future of Leisure Management Together

Paula Tate
12-Jun-2019 15:56:58

At Gladstone, we are working hard to understand the challenges and opportunities facing you in order that we can build the best management software for now and the future. We are constantly scanning the market to examine trends and themes for the future and as such, Gladstone has initiated a round table group known as the Gladstone Alliance, these board members are our trusted industry advisors.

Our client Alliance Board is part of the Inside Track programme and meets several times per year in order to discuss the latest trends within leisure and debate what that will look like for the UK on an ongoing basis.

The First Meeting of the Alliance Board took place on the 14th May this year. We tackled such diverse topics as

  • The future of payments
  • Tomorrow’s consumers
  • The changing infrastructure of leisure centres

Additionally, colleagues from Jonas Fitness, in the US, also attended the round table and were able to give their input from an international perspective.  It proved to be a fast-moving day with plenty of lively discussion.

The event, hosted by Ian Skeels, Head of Product Management, was a great success. Ian said,

“We wanted to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and learning, and the feedback has been that our customers found the day useful equally for networking, and for thinking strategically. Until now, there has rarely been a round table attended by such a range of experts from the leisure industry and already the Gladstone product team is working to turn the outputs of the Alliance into positive actions which will benefit all of our customers.”

The new Alliance members clearly viewed the day as valuable, with all of them responding that they would like to retain their place on the Alliance board, which will meet again in October.  With feedback from the Alliance members, we will be discussing the successful use of data, amongst other burning topics.

Tom Withers, MD of Gladstone, also attended the event, and remarked

“Listening is a big part of Gladstone’s strategy; we view our customers as our partners and this first Alliance meeting was a huge step in re-framing the relationship from transactional to one of collaboration for mutual future success.”

The Alliance board members receive in-depth updates following each Alliance gathering as well as ongoing research and information from the Product Management group through a dedicated Alliance Portal.  As topics and outcomes mature, findings will be shared with all customers in our newsletters or via discussion threads on the Gladstone Community forum.

The Alliance board membership is now at capacity, however we are always listening to ideas and feedback from all of our customers, make your voice heard by joining the Gladstone Community and sharing your question, feedback or development idea with other Gladstone operators as well as the Gladstone Product team - who facilitate the Gladstone Community message forum.

Learn more about the the Gladstone Community forum. 

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Inside Track banner headingThe Gladstone Inside Track programme is a collective name for a range of initiatives including; the Early Adopters, the Gladstone Community and the top tier Alliance board. Elements of the Inside Track programme are by invitation, such as the Alliance, with the Early Adopter programme available to those customers who wish to participate and feedback on early releases. The Gladstone Community is open to all customers.

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