Dashboard.  The Answer to Everything..?

Robert Imms
05-Apr-2018 11:54:56

The answer to everything? Not quite.

But no one can argue that Dashboard reports aren’t valuable and insightful. In case you weren’t already aware, a Dashboard is a collection of mini reports collated into a small and compact form. For some users, this could consist of a handful of graphs depicting membership totals across the business. For others, it could be a detailed overview of profit and loss including dynamic filters offering the user an opportunity to fine tune the information they require. 

The point is, that Dashboards can be almost anything you need them to be. Often getting started is the most difficult part. When using EyeQ, Gladstone’s latest business intelligence application, users are presented with a huge array of tables and fields. These in-turn are used to answer virtually any question relevant to the data captured by the business. With such a wealth of data at your fingertips, all you have to consider is what you want to show. One of the best things about EyeQ is how it’s integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. Using Worksheets, Pivot Tables, Graphs, Slicers and Filters, the choice is yours as to how to present the report. Over time, consider merging Excel reports together and before you know it, you have Dashboard!

reporting dashboard with eyeq and graphs in excel

A top tip is not worry about the polished Dashboard at the end, but rather focus on individual reports and what you want from them. Perhaps consider who will read the reports and what they represent. No one will tell you how many individual reports are required to make a Dashboard so start with 2 or 3 and build up over time. As you require further information, build a report and add this into the Dashboard. 

With EyeQ updating each day, the information shown in your Dashboard will be up-to-date and relevant.

The ultimate goal is to have one place to go for your daily information fix and hopefully, the answer to everything!

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