Congratulations! “You’ve got 100,000 member records on your database”

Guy Bickerton
12-Apr-2018 13:50:00

“No we haven’t got 100,000 members”

If you’ve been a Gladstone customer for a while, or even if you haven’t you might be aware that you could be holding lots of personal data on individuals who no longer interact with your products and services. For those customers who have been using Gladstone for more than 5 years we typically see them holding personal data on over 100k individuals, but in reality, this doesn’t translate into 100,000 current users.

These ‘extra’ member records can take the form of expires, casuals, prospects or member data sourced from other third-party systems, for example previous LMS systems or University student systems.


Wherever they have come from, if you are holding this data with the new GDPR regulations coming into force next month it’s probably time to start thinking about managing this problem. If you are keen to understand how then then read on.

Even with the best intentions and data management processes it’s unlikely you have a cleaned member data set, holding data only on individuals who you still deem to be ‘Current’.

So how do you tackle this issue
and ensure GDPR compliance.

The most manual method I can think of would be to cycle through your Plus2 member records checking the accounts and attendance profiles and updating those members who can be removed, but chances are you’ll get bored quickly!

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A better approach would be to use some of the in-built reports in eyeQ, or build your own, to look at members without recent interactions and manually update their records prior to deciding whether to archive or purge them but updating the statuses still might take a while!

If you wanted to avoid the task completely then it is also something we can assist you with as part of our Data Consultancy services; we can identify individuals on your system who haven’t interacted with you recently, with you deciding what ‘recent' means to you.

We can then prepare these individual’s to be removed by updating their status, ending valid subscriptions and removing unpaid sales. In recent months we have performed this type of data task for a number of customers, preparing upwards of 30k members per customer ready for them to be removed from the database. These customers now hold a much cleaner member data set and more importantly are closer to GDPR compliance.

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