Can a Mobile App help with Online Bookings in the over 50's demographic?

Stephanie Hutchings
04-Feb-2020 14:31:57

Hear from Ian Davis, Commercial Manager and his team at Wellington College Leisure about their adoption of MobilePro.

Wellington estimated that it would increase online bookings with the introduction of MobilePro to 40%, in fact with 5,000 downloads, online bookings are now at 80% via the app.  They were totally proved wrong in seeing the adoption of new mobile app technology, fully embraced by an older demographic.

Customers of the centre have now set their alarm clocks for 10PM, when the centre releases its next schedule of classes - to ensure they never miss their favourite class.  

20385 - Gladstone - Wellington College - Online V2


Wellington have made a phenomenal effort to establish their club at the heart of the local community, with a retention in most cases of over 20+ years, with members joining as 'nifty fifties' and still members well into their 80's and 90's! In fact, many of the members quote they wouldn't consider moving home because the atmosphere and dedicated team at Wellington make the club so unique to any other offerings in their local community. 

Wellington College Leisure has >600 members and operates as a Single Site Club, they are managed by Gladstone's very own single-site 'hero' Account Manager - Chris Egan.

Want to learn more about adding MobilePro to your club - book a conversation or demonstration. 

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