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Stephanie Hutchings
29-Aug-2017 09:46:37

A complete Digital Marketing Platform for Mobile:

Today, I am with Tim Williams from Innovatise, we are discussing mobile software for gyms and Leisure Centres. I wanted to talk to Tim to learn more about MobilePro and its benefits for Gladstone customers.  

Steph: To kick things off, what sort of clubs and operators should be looking at MobilePro and why?

Tim: Well Steph, MobilePro is a Mobile Digital Marketing Platform that's all about retaining members and boosting an operator's brand. So all leisure operators should be using it whether they are a multisite or single-site, public sector or private. Mobile is such a large part of everyone's lifestyle these days, all operators should have an app to keep their users engaged and retain them.

Steph: Why do you describe MobilePro as a Digital Marketing Platform ? 

Tim: Some people think of MobilePro as just quick and easy booking of Gladstone classes and activities on mobile, but it's much more than that. The baseline Club marketing & booking also provides a Mobile Portal to all the technology our customers use -- fitness trackers, nutrition programs, body analysers and more are all accessible through MobilePro. It has built-in Mobile Content Management so operators can put any content they like into the app -- info on facilties, training programmes, PTs, nutrition, swimming, as well as schedules, news, blogs and offers. All of this content and bookings can be shared on social media which gets members' friends involved, boosting participation and membership.

And MobilePro is growing rapidly to include a number of optional modules for recruiting new members, increasing bookings, marketing to users on-site, syndicating content from app to web & kiosk, personal tracking and messaging groups of members in the app -- check-out the diagram...

MobilePro modules.png

Steph: So tell us a bit more about Club Marketing & Booking, what does this give the operator? 

Tim: Club Marketing & Booking is the basline module that all MobilePro customers have and as the name suggests it's all about marketing to users and making it easy for them to book:

  • Mobile Portal -- the app let's users access all the tech they need to get the best out of your centres -- users can download one app to access everything they need, you don't have to ask them to download 5 apps...
  • Mobile Content Management -- all homescreens, tiles, and articles are infinitely changeable by you and your marketers any time, as often as you like at no extra cost. You don't need to get an agency involved, it's easy to do this yourself through the MobilePro web cockpit
  • Native Booking -- This is fast, slick booking of Gladstone classes and activities your users will love -- operators report that up to 90% of all bookings are done in the app, increasing customer satisfaction and freeing up your staff to focus on more productive tasks than answering the phone or handling front-of-house bookings.
  • Social Sharing -- Social media is huge and a great way of getting your operation visible to a big audience. MobilePro makes it easy for app users to share info, news, and bookings on social media, pulling their friends into your centres and boosting your visibility, participation and membership

Steph: MobilePro offers a lot of functionality to operators, does this work for everyone and how do Gladstone customers get access to this?  

Tim: The optional modules are available to all MobilePro customers, they just need to contact their Gladstone Account Manager.

For example Lead Generation is easily set-up through the web cockpit and lets the operator incentivise members to refer their friends. Many have referral programs already, and putting this in the app is producing amazing results. One public sector gym with 4000 app downloads generated 163 new members in 3 months. A 5-site private sector operator with 9000 downloads recruited 439 new members in 12 months. These results completely change the economics of the app -- they paid for MobilePro and the Lead Generation option 20 times over !

We're expecting a similar impact from the new Cashless & Loyalty options. Cashless makes life easier for casual users to book -- for example they can load £50 into their account and pay for bookings from that, much more convenient than paying for each booking. And great for the operator. Loyalty points let the operator reward users by giving them points which can be used to pay for bookings.

Steph: Its interesting from our Gladstone survey many Operators told us they are looking for a solution to help their members integrate with consumer fitness trackers and on-site equipment. 

Tim: Many Gladstone operators are working with tech providers that integrate data from fitness trackers, fitness equipement, heart-rate monitors, swimming wearables, etc. We want to make it easy for MobilePro users to set-up and access these when they train so we've worked with providers like Technogym, eGym, MYZONE and Swimtag to integrate their solutions.

This is just the start, we're talking to a number of other fitness tracking tech providers as well as body measurement kit providers to hook them up as well.

This is great for the opertors as it means they only need to promote one app (their app built with MobilePro) and their users can access all the tech required to get the best out of their facilities. And it gives the operators the flexibility to add new tech providers as they become popular. 

Steph: I'm currently training to get my fitness back on track after an injury, how can MobilePro be used to 'shout out' my accomplishments to friends?

Tim: Glad to hear you're recovering, Steph !

MobilePro has Social Sharing built in so it's easy for you to get your friends' help. Get them along to the classes you're attending by sharing your class bookings -- with our up-coming release, friends seeing your post can book into the same class with a single click and shout their encouragement from the back of the class ! And if you have a fitness tracker or Garmin for your bike or use digital-enabled fitness kit, your workouts will be tracked and automatically posted or you can post your results at the end of the workout. 

For the operator, the more shares members make, the more visibility the operator gets. Every share from MobilePro is branded and includes a link so friends can easily download your MobilePro app. This pulls friends into your centres, boosting your visibility, participation and membership. Social Media is a big win for both operators and users !

Steph: So how do Operators manage the content in their app, you talked about the 'cockpit' -- tell us more.

Tim: The cockpit is the web front-end of MobilePro. Operators use it to create all the content they want in the app, including their app icon, homescreen design, info articles, schedules, news, offers, photo galleries, etc. They also use it to configure settings, for example which classes and activities are shown where in the the app. 

As many of your marketers and digital-savvy centre staff can have access to the cockpit as you want and they can add any content they want, whenever they want. We've spent a lot of time and effort to make the cockpit quick and easy for them to use. The key to keeping users engaged is for operators to provide them with relevant content -- that means timely content local to their centre. The optimum way to provide this is by having staff in each centre post content as well as your marketing team. 

Web cockpit.png

The cockpit includes reports so you can easily see the impact of your marketing. The report below shows the impact of two News articles posted with Push Notifications, one at 09:00 and the other 15:30 -- within a couple of hours around 600 people had opened and read the 09:00 article. That's the power of mobile, all controlled and monitored through the web cockpit.

News response.png

Steph: Some of the larger operators already invest heavily in their online presence through their website, how does this compliment their website?

TimWebsites are mainly for acquisition. Someone moves to your town and wants to find a spinning class. They Google 'spinning' and find your website where you tell them all the benefits of your centre and your fitness programs and how to join.

Mobile apps are mainly for retention. Once I'm using your centre, I want fast, easy access to operational info, I want to book, check timetables, and know what's happening wherever I am, 24/7. 

So operators need both a website and an app. 

Some of the content may be common between the two -- I want news on both, I want opening hours, schedule, info on facilities and PTs, etc. on both. Does this mean the content has to be maintained in two places ? No, with MobilePro's Content Syndication API option, you can maintain the content in the MobilePro cockpit and it will automatically appear on your website (and kiosk, in-gym TVs...) with your styling and fonts. So you maintain the content in one place only and it appears in many places, and can have different styling in all of them.

Content Sydication API 2.png

Steph: Do you have any special hints and tips you would suggest for Operators using MobilePro?

Tim: We're just about to start blogging hints and tips for existing MobilePro users to get the best out of it. Readers should keep an eye out for these posts over the next few weeks !

Great talking to you Steph !

Gladstone and Innovatise partnership - watch

If you would like to see MobilePro in action, you can book a demonstration and see this for yourself.

If you would like to see MobilePro in action, you can book a demonstration and see this for yourself.

New MobilePro front ends.png

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