10 Ideas for MobilePro - COVID-19

Stephanie Hutchings
20-Mar-2020 14:21:47

We're living in unprecedented times. Here are 10 ideas on how you can use MobilePro to help you and your members get through COVID-19 and provide them the latest status of your club facilities. 

  1. Les Mills have unleashed the power of its digital platform free of charge to use from home.  You could choose to link this via a tile in MobilePro or simply forward it to customers via email to help keep in touch with your clients.
  2. Consider using your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) message to encourage people to download the app -- are you inundated with calls to your club or centres asking for info ? If so, change your hold-message to encourage people to download your app. That way they can get real-time, up-to-date info quickly and efficiently.
  3. Communicate regularly and often — when things are changing rapidly customers want to be kept up-to-date, in the present circumstances it's better to over-communicate than under-communicate.
  4. Link your COVID-19 website information to a tile in your app, this way, when you update your website mobile users have the same information, so you only need to update one thing as the situation changes.

    You need to be logged into your "MobilePro Cockpit" to access these supporting links.

  5. Put a COVID-19 info banner on your home screen -- keep members and centre users up-to-date with a banner on your home screen linking to an info module. Click here for instructions on how to set this up.
  6. Link multiple sites to one info article -- if you are a multisite you can create your master Info module in one site and link the others to it, so you don't have to update multiple things. Click here for how to do this.
  7. Use Push Notifications to alert people to changes in the situation -- pushes are real-time and let you be proactive in a rapidly changing environment. Click here on how to send push notifications.
  8. If your centre of club is closing, you may want to turn off bookings and timetables temporarily -- click here for advice on how to do this easily.
  9. Add a tile with exercises which your members can do at home - our friends at  'Physical Company' have made available 100 videos on youtube, for everyone to stay fit when we're in isolation. This requires some tweaks from the Gladstone Support team before implementing, raise a ticket with Support quoting '100 Physical Company' if you want to use this content within the app.  Then use how to set this up for your app users
  10. Measure the results of your communications -- you can find out in the app how many times your info and news updates are being read -- here's how.

We want to do everything we can to help us all get through this difficult period, if you think of other ways we can help please get in touch!

What can a mobile app do for my club after Coronavirus?


Use MobilePro to recruit new members and advertise that the club is back open for business.  Get in touch with members who have frozen their subscriptions and inform them about new class schedules.  Members will need easy access to news, information and bookings 24/7.  MobilePro is unique to your club brand and available in the app stores to simply download.  Its the fastest way to communicate using mobile push notifications; such as pool opening times or revised class timetables. With its social media functions, let your members amplify the club is open for business as well as offering promotions for new joiners. 

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