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Every app should have a My Bookings tile

Posted by Stephanie Hutchings on 04-Sep-2017 19:29:27

Even if your app doesn't have Activities booking and only has Class booking, a "My Bookings" tile is really useful for users.

It allows them to:

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MobilePro: every app needs a News module, here is why

Posted by Stephanie Hutchings on 04-Sep-2017 18:01:25

Every app should have at least one News module.

This allows you to publish news and send a Push Notification to all users who have selected that club. This is a great way of getting news to your users:

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In conversation: MobilePro the premium app & why

Posted by Stephanie Hutchings on 29-Aug-2017 09:46:37

A complete Digital Marketing Platform for Mobile:

Today I am with Tim Williams from Innovatise, we are discussing mobile software for gyms and Leisure Centres. I wanted to talk to Tim to learn more about MobilePro and its benefits for Gladstone customers. 

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Why you need a mobile app

Posted by Stephanie Hutchings on 04-Aug-2017 19:32:42

You've got a web site and it's mobile-responsive. Why do you need a mobile app?

At Gladstone we understand the habits of people, your members.  Here we explain a bit more about why a typical website isn't quite good enough and why investing in a mobile app makes perfect sense.

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GDPR: A Gladstone Overview

Posted by Joanne Barton on 21-Jul-2017 16:43:39

General Data Protection Regulation 

NEW! Read this article if you want to get a brief understanding of GDPR regulations, how it will impact your leisure organisation, and what you can be thinking about now to ensure your organisation is ready in time for May 2018. 

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